Vacation Time!

Our family has the goal to spend more time enjoying all that utah has to offer. We are avid campers but often settle for the nearest and easiest campsite we can find. But this year we are pushing ourselves to accomplish more travel. 

At 7pm one night we decided to go to Arches National Park in Moab, Utah. It is about a four hour drive but we didn't care. After some quick packing and a four and a half hour drive we arrived at the park around 2 am. 

It was completely worth the time! Along the way we managed to take a few photos of the surrounding area and a CELLPHONE video. Cellphone quality is rapidly expanding. It is still not the best... But it works for vaction!!!

Bryan Butterfield
Utah Film Awards | Event Photography

Filmmakers and film enthusiasts gather together every year to celebrate the Utah film industry. But as the event has been getting larger and larger over the years it now has entries from around the world. The night was filled with the excitement only "Hollywood" can produce. We even had movie producer and actor Taylor Sheridan. He directed and produced Hell or High Water, Sicaro, Yellow Stone, and Wind River. The Event is held in Provo, Utah every year. 

See the winners of the Utah Film Festival 2018

A Billionaire & Weber Outdoors

WOW, This was an experience we will not forget! We had the privilege of meeting TV show host of "The Profit" and billionaire Marcus Lemonis. Ogden's Weber State University hosted an idea competition where students had the opportunity to win $30,000 from Camping World.

The competitors created outdoor-inspired products, business plans, and prototypes to impress a panel of judges. The event was held in Ogden's Union Station over the course of a week. The event culminated with Marcus Lemonis inspiring everyone to make lasting personal connections with business partners, employees, and friends by being open and transparent with yourself and others.  

You can see the list winners on Weber State's Outdoor recreation website