10 Reasons PhotographerS Increase Your Return on investment!

Did you know a photographer or videographer can improve your companies return on investment? Your attendees experience is paramount. Your team creates amazing all-inclusive incentive trips. But as an event planner or vice president of sales you understand the importance of building excitement and motivating employees. We also understand this purpose. Incentive Travel is secretly not about vacation. It’s about increasing sales through motivation, improving company loyalty, and attracting a better sales force. Want to learn more about how can we help improve ROI during this years Presidents Club? Contact us or continue reading below!


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10 Reasons Photographers increase Return on Investment


Let’s face it, the employee’s spouse definitely benefits the most from incentive trips. But in our opinion they are the most UNDERVALUED asset for incentive ROI. What spouse doesn’t want amazing images of their vacation? One of our main focuses is to create images that attendees will cherish enough to put on their walls of their home, in a table book, or online. Regularly we get the request to print our photos. Whether it’s a beautiful photo of the hotel grounds or a high-end location portrait of the happy couple.
ROI = Every time the employee or spouse walks past the image hanging in their home they will be reminded of their sales trip and your company. Plus, can’t you just hear the wife asking “Honey are you going to hit your sales numbers this year? I NEED you to make President’s Club!”


It is all about the numbers. Sales teams are driven by motivation. Our images motivate the employees! Who doesn’t want a picture of them on the back of a sailboat with their favorite VP? Our images capture those moments that help build team morale and leave a lasting impression.
ROI = Everyone can spot a stock photo these days. Why not motivate your team with ACTUAL images? There is nothing more powerful than seeing a fellow employee living it up in an exotic location with fellow employees. No stock photo of a palm tree is going to have the same impact! Think of all the water cooler stories WITH images that your team will share the entire year! PLUS WE HAVE A FEW OTHER TRICKS THAT YOU WILL JUST HAVE TO ASK US ABOUT! Contact us


Now is the time! We have extensive background working with world-renowned marketing teams, we understand how to deliver. We have options to share images almost instantly. We can handle any social media team needs. With new technology we also have the capability of near instant delivery.
ROI = We can create a plan to fulfill social media requests without the fuss.


The memories. Employees need to feel honored, praised, and valued. What better way than to feel like a movie star! Every Incentive Trip starts out with everyone shaking hands and making small talk. But by the last night your attendees will be calling non-stop for their favorite photographer. When everyone starts yelling for us by name to get that special group shot, we know we have done our job right.
ROI = Attendees get custom deliverables that remind them of their travels. The goal is not to just have a few photos of the trip. The goal is to create art that attendees will admire and inspire them for years.


It all comes down to motivation! Envisioning yourself obtaining your sales goal is much easier when your company releases images of last years event to all your employees. They will get to see the physical proof of what Presidents Club actually looks like. Seeing Joe from outbound sales or Sarah from new sales sitting on the beach having a conversation with your VP of sales is going to be one of the best motivators you have in your arsenal.
ROI = Give the entire office physical evidence of presidents club. Let them see all the amazing dinners, cars, boats, planes, and trains you booked, it will let inspire them to do their best!



The unsung hero! Event Planners are veterans. So why are you still hiring the weekend photographer that doesn’t understand events? Event Planners love us for TWO reasons. We have extensive background in events and photojournalism. We know where to be, who to ask, and how to follow INSTRUCTIONS THE FIRST TIME! The second is the compliments! It seems every event a CEO, VP, or attendee asks “where did you find this photographer?” We have even overheard a VP approach an event planner and ask “is Image & Film coming next year? Because if they don’t come, I am not coming.” We understand how to work a crowd, put a CEO at ease, and be friendly, but not over take your event. We are not on vacation! Stop hiring photographers who appear in all your images and are there for a party. Stop hiring creepy photographers who hide in the corner and make your attendees feel uncomfortable. Stop hiring photographers who don’t know what a show flow is!
ROI = Spend less time on site asking where is the photographer! You reap the rewards when attendees and VIPs praise our hard work. Plus with amazing images you can go back to your finance department and show them the value you created! You will also walk away with a new friend that just happens to be a photographer!
We would love to hear from you! To make a new friend give us a ring. Contact us




Why keep your Incentive Trip a secret or a distant memory? Your team needs that CONSTANT reminder of how fun Presidents Club is… or can be. We focus on creating art that captures your event, then we creates plans and ideas that will best remind your team. Maybe its a custom photo book? Maybe its wall art featuring a beautiful on-location portrait of the attendee and spouses. Use the images from P-Club to decorate the office. Every year new images go up that will be that CONSTANT reminder. Let us create a custom reminder that fits your companies personality and flavor!
ROI = Customized personal reminders to your team on why they need to hit their goals.


Through new technology we can deliver images almost instantly to your social media team. Why wait for months or weeks to get your photos? We also have fast and effective ways to deliver images to attendees to use on social media which will boast the visibility of your event and give the attendees something to brag about. We also have the ability to edit on site!
ROI = Think of all the Instagram likes! Create the buzz! Plus the content is most relevant during your event or just after that powerful General Session!


The last thing you need is to wait forever for your images. You also don’t want your staff spending hours looking for that perfect photo of general session or the beach party. We have a decade of experience in photojournalism. The newsroom is the fastest paced environment in photography. It requires the most organized photo cataloging and we use those techniques to make your post event images easy to find.
ROI = Receive high quality images and products, that don’t take hours to sort through. Organized the same way top-end newsrooms organize their photography for precision and searchability.


It is all about year 2 and beyond! The best part of our job is greeting everyone for onsite each year. We always get the same reactions. Huge hugs and high fives from past attendees. But the best is the reaction from first time P Club attendees. We can’t count how many times a new attendee has said “are you the photographer? I have heard you make people look amazing. We can’t wait to have you take our pictures.” This kind of response is typical. They have heard the stories and want a photo to hang on their walls at work and home. This is valuable to our company but even more valuable to your return on investment!
ROI = Repeat steps 1-10!

Be admired and get inspired!

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