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Green Adventure Sports - Highlight Video

Kayak Rugby - Layton, Utah

Green Adventure Sports | West Point, Utah

A few years ago we were invited by the Greens to film something called "Kayak Rugby."  We had never heard of the game, but after watching it for a few minutes we wanted to put the cameras down and jump in! The Green's own and operate a kayak, canoe and stand-up paddleboard rental business and every year they throw a big party with their friends and co-workers. 

The Green's say it is a lot like water polo on kayaks, but can get pretty intense. They rent all the equipment needed to play the game and have written instructions. So pull a group together and go play. It is one of the funnest sports you will ever play on a kayak!

They also rent other water sports equipment from their office in West Point, Utah. They even rent trailers so you can travel to your favorite lakes like Pineview Reservoir up Ogden Canyon or the beautiful Antelope Island on the Great Salt Lake. 

Ogden's Parlour Coffee Bar & ASDT

Ogden is family!

This week we had the fun opportunity to attend the Parlour Coffee Bar & ASDT grand opening in Ogden, Utah. The owners are great friends of ours. Why is Ogden family? Because we stick together and try to create a business environment where everyone wins. Instead of just attending the opening for fun we grabbed our camera equipement and filmed a quick recap.  

A New Chapter

By Bryan Butterfield - Image&Film

In 2016 I spent 1 in 5 days traveling throughout Northern & Southern America. I also celebrated 8 years working professionally. So why the new chapter?

From 2014 to 2017 I spent lots of time traveling and freelancing with one of the top event photography companies in the world. I had little time for... well sleep, and my own photo and video projects. I decided to change it up and update our brand.

For years I went by Lighting Bryan. A name I was given in junior high school. I worked as a Theatrical Lighting Designer from junior high through college. I even went to the University Of Utah on a full ride scholarship for lighting design. I will miss the Lighting Bryan brand. But now it is time for something different.

Stay Tuned!