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Utah Film Awards | Event Photography

Filmmakers and film enthusiasts gather together every year to celebrate the Utah film industry. But as the event has been getting larger and larger over the years it now has entries from around the world. The night was filled with the excitement only "Hollywood" can produce. We even had movie producer and actor Taylor Sheridan. He directed and produced Hell or High Water, Sicaro, Yellow Stone, and Wind River. The Event is held in Provo, Utah every year. 

See the winners of the Utah Film Festival 2018

Ogden-Weber Chamber Gala 2018

Welcome Ogden-Weber Chamber and congratulations to all the wonderful winners. 

This event gathered businesses from around our community to celebrate Chamber members who have been nominated and selected for signature awards, including Small and Large Business of the Year, Volunteer of the Year, Chairperson of the Year, the Sue Westenskow Education Award, the ATHENA Leadership Award and the Wall of Fame. Visit the Chambers website for more information and award recipients.


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Nurture the Creative Mind 11th Anniversary Gala

This past week we had the honor and privilege to volunteer our photography services to Nurture The Creative Mind. This Ogden, Utah organization's sole purpose is to engage and empower young people through the arts. If you have ever seen the decorative pianos on Ogden's 25th street or attended the Ogden Arts Festival you have seen the impact NCM has on our community!  

All donations will have a direct impact on the local creatives in our community.  It will be used to provide a safe building to learn in, supplies, equipment, and workshops that are all carefully planned to utilize the money in the most efficient way possible.  



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